Reportedly, in the experiment, there were a total of 36 background tabs running along with one blank foreground tab. However, the results were not as promising while playing Youtube video on chrome as it only saved 36 minutes worth of battery.

As promising as the new fix seems, it may not roll out with the next update. There’also a chance that it may get scrapped altogether. If it does get included in the update, Chrome will be at par with its competitors Safari and Microsoft Edge in terms of energy consumption.

There’s one more feature that is expected in the next update of the web browser. For quick payments, biometric authentication is in works. The feature will be available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Since work from home has become a norm and most employees use laptops for office work, the update will help a lot of users who had to keep their systems on charge most of the time.It will help users access saved payment details faster and more secure than before.

As per TheWindowsClub, the experimental feature in Chrome will reduce energy consumption by shutting down the background tab’s unnecessary Java Script timers and trackers.As promising as the new fix seems, it may not roll out with the next Chrome update.


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