After an extended wait, Facebook has started rolling out dark mode for Android users. Facebook had earlier unrolled the dark mode for the website and the Facebook Lite App. The social media giant will now make the feature available to the Facebook app users on Android also.

The development was first announced by noted tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who tweets about the features of the social media apps but at this point, her video comes in collaboration with Facebook.

She also shared a little snippet of how the Facebook dark mode will appear as if once the feature is unrolled. She wrote, “Facebook is publicly testing Dark Mode! You asked it, I chatted with Facebook’s @alexvoica about it, and here’s a video made in collaboration with Facebook!”

Facebook had unrolled dark mode for web users earlier this year. However, it took Facebook rather long to roll out the feature to the Android users. Now that Facebook has started rolling out the feature, here is what you’ll do to get it

1.To get the dark mode, you initially got to update your Facebook app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Play Store

2. After updating the app, attend the Settings menu on Facebook

3. Scroll down and you’ll find the dark mode option

4. In order to enable it, you’ll need to activate the toggle to activate the dark mode feature.

Earlier, Facebook unrolled a replacement logo for Messenger alongside interesting color pallets. “Messenger gets a replacement look to mark our continued evolution from an easy way to messaging your Facebook friends, to an area to hold out together with your favorite people, on your favorite apps and devices.

With over a billion users around the world, our mission is to be a universal thanks to connecting and be closer together. That mission has never been more important as people everywhere look to non-public online spaces to remain connected,” Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Messenger said during a blog post.


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