Facebook told in an announcement on Monday that fake videos and planned media will be forbidden of the social media site

The company announced in a report that it was taking a multi-pronged strategy to address the problem, including reviewing dishonest responses in AI-generated content and partnering with academia, government, and industry to properly recognize manipulated content.

Manipulations can be done within easy technology alike photoshop or through advanced tools that utilize artificial intelligence or ‘deep learaning’ methods to produce videos that distort reality-usually named ‘deep fakes,'” the organization announced in a statement.

“while these videos are but rare on the internet, they present an important challenge for our industry and society because their use increases.”

Videos that do flag will be subject to inspection by third-party fact-checkers to decide if the content is wrong. At the time, Facebook will “Significantly decrease its distribution” to newsfeeds or deny it, if it is trying to run as an ad.

Moreover, people who try to share the content before it is fully removed from the section will be issued a notification to inform them that the content is wrong.

The company continued that it established a partnership including Reuters to “help newsrooms worldwide to recognize deepfakes and manipulated media by a free online preparation course.”

In September, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer told the company was performing its deepfake content to properly identify planned content for relocation, business insider’s Alexei Oreskovic stated.

Facebook told in most cases it will not fact-check political ads in an try to defend free speech. The uncertain policy allowed below fire later President Donald Trump. ran political advertisements including false claims on former vice president joe biden.

“Posts and ads from politicians are generally not subjected to fast checking,” according to facebook’s policy . “In evaluating when this applies we ask our fact-checking partners to look at politicians at every level”


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