Minister of Communications and Electronics and knowledge Technology Shankar Prasad in an occasion focused on applied AI in India spoke about the importance of the AI ecosystem and its application.

Prasad spoke about the importance of face recognition technology and its global importance but also asserted that it should be unbiased where local citizens are concerned. “The face recognition process cannot show any bias of colour or ethnicity,” he said.

The four-day event,, organised by Intel, focused on youth skilling, healthcare, mobility, and therefore the way forward for work using AI. Prasad noted that while user’s data is being kept under consideration , they ought to even be informed of the aim that it’s getting used .

“Data is that the oxygen for AI. The info ecosystem has got to be trustworthy that users needed to be told of the aim that their data is getting used . There must be a sanctity therein process, be it safety, security or consent.

“The application of AI shouldn’t be during a manner that the essential time-tested attributes of human existence are lost. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has acknowledged , AI can’t be used as a way of weaponisation,” said Prasad.

“Yes, there are apprehensions that AI will displace jobs. But if some jobs will go, more and more will be created. AI may displace existing jobs, but more jobs will be created once the ecosystem unfolds,” he said.


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