Lots of Customer are looking for Good Cloud storage for their personal and Business data. We at Big Tecz try to figure out the best cloud storage based on easy usability, Storage Space, Mobile support and Security.


Mega is the one of the highly secured Cloud storage.  Based from New Zealand, they provide 50 GB of storage for free. Which is easy to use, drag and drop and Mobile app for easy access of your files . Mega claims that all data stored in its cloud is encrypted on your device before it reaches the firm’s servers.

To enable independent verification of the correctness and integrity of Mega crypto model and its implementation, they publish the full source code of client apps.

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iCloud which is direct access to all the iPhones comes with the highly secured storage. Definitely 5 GB free storage they provide was not possible for most of the users. iCloud upgrades come in reasonable price tags which enables iphone users to use without any issues.

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Google Drive

One of the mostly used Cloud storage by Android users, Google Drive gives you 15 GB Free storage space. The desktop app provide an easy drag and drop feature to you computer. The upgrading storage with Google one very easy and affordable. Most of the Android mobiles comes by default Google Drive, it has occupied most of user space with android.

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One Drive

Product of Microsoft, One Drive comes out of the box in Windows 10. Which makes users go to One drive, comes with file restoration feature making it a highly recommended cloud storage. Syncing the Photos and files are very easy compare to other cloud storage .

Share files, folders, and photos with friends and family. No more large email attachments or thumb drives — just send a link via email, text, iMessage, or Facebook. One Drive provide all of these features on the go.

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Drop Box

One of the Oldest  and still in the race for the Top cloud storage is Drop Box. Released in 2008, they are fast, reliable and more professional. Free storage and access to files across multiple devices comes with just 2GB of space. Which make Drop box bottom of the list. Their pricing is very high compared to others. Drop Box Business dedicated  for business people has 120 file recovery feature.

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