World Emoji Day 2020: The world is celebrating Emoji Day today. Have you ever imagined if emojis were never invented? Well, thinking of messages without emojis is extremely difficult for each one of us today.

As we get busier with no time to type long messages, emojis, animated stickers are becoming the future form of messaging. Who knows, there could be a day soon when we chat only via emojis and no text.

Today, the Cupertino based tech giant has revealed the newest emoji designs including bubble tea, pinched fingers, boomerang, transgender symbol, dodo, beaver, piƱata, nesting dolls, coin, anatomical heart, lungs, ninja, and tamale.

Besides emoji, animated emojis or stickers are becoming a new form of expression in messages. To recall, WhatsApp recently introduced Animated Stickers for Android as well as iOS users.

The platform also offers more than hundreds of animated emojis in addition to the normal versions, thousands of animated stickers under 500 total number of categories, and 10 different categories of animated GIFs as well.

Telegram was one of the first to introduce animated emojis on an instant messenger app and now offers over 20,000 free quality stickers developed over the past five years.Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Telegram also offer for emojis, stickers and animated stickers.


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