Apple has unveiled the Apple One subscription bundle in India. Apple will provide six services under the Apple One subscription-like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and iCloud.

Apple One went to sleep in India on Friday at around 10:30 pm. During the quarterly earnings turn Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook had announced that the Apple One will launch “tomorrow”, which suggests Friday within the US.

The second plan within the lineup is named Apple One Family Plan, which is priced at Rs 365 per month. The plan comes with Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage which will be shared with up to 6 relations.

Now if you check out the individual pricing of the services, Apple Music Family would cost you Rs 149 per month, Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade are priced at Rs 99 each, and 200GB iCloud storage would cost Rs 219 per month.

The third plan within the list is named the Apple One Premier but it’s only available in counties like Australia and therefore us. The plan has not been unrolled to Indian users. This plan includes all the advantages of the Apple One Family plus, Apple News Plus, and Apple Fitness Plus.

However, if you check the individual prices of the services it might cost you Rs 99 per month for Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Arcade each. For iCloud, you’d find yourself paying Rs 75.

When the subscription page opens, tap on “Get Apple One”.When you Tap thereon, you’ll see the list of plans including the Individual Plan and therefore the Family Plan. You’ll click on Start Free Trial to urge the subscriptions.


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