Over the past week, reports emerged about Bytedance looking to sell its USA operations of viral social media app TikTok to an American company, with Microsoft emerging as frontrunners. The app, which rose to viral fame across the planet .

The narrative also appears to possess ruffled sentiments in China, with Bytedance founder-CEO Zhang Yiming facing public backlash for being “too accommodating and yielding” to America’s demands.

The Chinese government has stated that USA is using its technological superiority and its relations with its allies to make an unfavourable and biased environment of business for Chinese companies.

A Reuters report said that the China government has accused USA of making an environment , where the sole two options left were “submission or mortal combat within the tech realm”. It isn’t a threat, but a subliminal warning needless to say .

While this suggests that Huawei will likely move in ranking once the pandemic normalises, it also goes on to point out China’s might within the global technology industry – successively hitting back at USA that even after being banned from conducting business with US companies.

Even as US president Donald Trump makes a perplexing demand that the United States government treasury should receive “a very substantial portion” of whatever price Microsoft pays to accumulate TikTok’s USA business, China’s plans are different.


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